10apr10:0016:00Easter botanical treasure hunt10:00 - 16:00 The Easter Monday botanical treasure hunt at Villa Reale di Marlia (LU) The Easter Monday botanical treasure hunt is a very successful event with a forced break[...]

h. 10:00, 10 aprile 2023 - h. 16:00, 10 aprile 2023

The Easter Monday botanical treasure hunt at Villa Reale di Marlia (LU)

The Easter Monday botanical treasure hunt is a very successful event with a forced break for 2 consecutive years, conceived and organized by the Grandi Giardini Italiani network: an excellent opportunity to bring children closer to the garden and nature, making them discover and recognize in a playful way – leaf by leaf – the trees and plants present in the parks.

On Monday, April 10, the usual appointment signed by Grandi Giardini Italiani at Villa Reale returns: at the gates of Lucca in one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy that has just been reborn thanks to the great restoration!

Now in its 26th edition, the Grandi Giardini Italiani Botanical Treasure Hunt is the event dedicated to children to bring them closer in a playful and joyful way to the immense botanical, artistic and cultural heritage kept in the gardens of the circuit.

In the gardens of the circuit, participating in the initiative, participants will receive a treasure map which will guide budding botanists and their families in discovering the secrets of the chosen garden. A fantastic adventure between puzzles and riddles ranging from botanical and artistic curiosities up to the coveted treasure.

“Today is time for gardens, for leisure in contact with greenery – explains Judith Wade, founder and CEO of Grandi Giardini Italiani – surrounded by art and culture, immersed in the beauty that comforts and helps to grow in awareness. Two years of the pandemic have taught us to truly appreciate what we considered to be a heritage of Italy that was always available and whose role we only understood when it was denied to us.”

“For us, the treasure hunt is a playful event – ​​underlines Judith Wade – which allows families and children to spend a day in a wonderful garden around Italy, but also to discover the wonderful world of plants.”

We hope that while having fun in the open air, children will take home the memory of a special day spent in a Great Italian Garden, having learned about the vast and extraordinarily rich world of plants and, consequently, we hope that they will take better care of them than to the generations that preceded them.

caccia al tesoro villa reale

FAQ – Botanical Treasure Hunt – Villa Reale di Marlia

Who is the hunt for: children and teenagers aged 3 to 9 – the little ones can still enter the park and play with their families.

How it takes place: the children go in search of the botanical treasure together with their families and friends following the map given at the ticket office. Once you have found all the clues and solved the riddles, you will find out where the chest with the treasure in! Each child will take home a small prize and a certificate of participation.

At what time: based on the time booked online, you can arrive within 45 minutes, the hunt begins upon your arrival at the ticket office! Example: if you have booked for 10am you can arrive by 10:45am and once you have received the map you can start!

How much does it cost: children € 5 SELECTING THE “TREASURE HUNT” TICKET only for children participating in the hunt and for younger siblings who want to receive the prize; this ticket allows children to enter museums as well. For children aged 10 and over who want to participate in the hunt, the “treasure hunt” ticket must be added to the reduced park entrance ticket.

For infants, the ticket to select is the free ticket without hunting.

For adults it depends on the ticket with or without interiors (maximum 18 €).

Compulsory reservations: Yes by pre-purchasing the entrance ticket on our website while seats last!

Is it possible to have lunch in the park? Of course! The Cafè Villa Reale facing the lake will be at your disposal with cold dishes, artisan foccacce, cakes and ice creams continuously from 10:30 to 17:30.

Picnics: Picnics are possible in the side areas of the park, making sure you leave no trace when you are done😉

If we are more families can we play together? Yes, that’s why we recommend booking for the same entry time.

How long does the hunt last? On average 1 hour but it is not a timed race, the important thing is to find the treasure! You can stay in the park even after the hunt is over, by 6pm.

In case of rain? The event will still take place, in which case we recommend rubber boots and a cape for a playful adventure!

Is the ticket refundable? No it is valid only for the chosen date; if you can’t come you can give it to others who will have to respect the arrival time. Once the corresponding tickets have been delivered, they will not be given back to others who present themselves with the same order number.

Do season ticket holders have to buy a ticket? Only for children participating in the hunt and reply to the ticket receipt email indicating that there are no adults in the order because you are season ticket holders.