The Park

The Park of Villa Reale of Marlia covers an area of 16 hectares and is the result of a complex series of transformations which bear witness to two different periods of architectural construction among the villas in the Lucca area. One part of the park has preserved the original 17th century layout including hedges, flowerbeds and tall trees; the other has been designed in line with the fashion for English landscaped gardens, with winding pathways, panoramic viewpoints and shady groves. The gardens have a rich heritage of trees, with superb examples of abies, quercus palustris, pine, oak, holm-oak and plane trees. The lawns, together with shaded underwood areas, embellish the Villa del Vescovo with a unique landscape which changes throughout the course of the day and with the passing of the seasons. Taking a walk around the gardens, you’ll discover a host of beautiful views, hidden corners and impressive architecture.