Magico Natale a Villa Reale

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08dic(dic 8)09:3011(dic 11)21:00Magical Xmas09:30 - 21:00 (11) Magical Xmas is the first edition of Villa Reale in which families can immerse themselves in the magical Christmas atmosphere by visiting the park and museums of Villa Reale during[...]

h. 9:30, 8 dicembre 2022 - h. 21:00, 11 dicembre 2022

Magical Xmas is the first edition of Villa Reale in which families can immerse themselves in the magical Christmas atmosphere by visiting the park and museums of Villa Reale during the last two opening weekends of 2022: #savethedate 8, 9, 10, 11, 17 and 18 December with extraordinary opening hours 9:30am – 9pm


For the first time, the Villa Reale complex (just 7 km from the walls of Lucca) will be able to experience its magical Christmas in your company, enriching the cultural visit with Christmas stops both inside and outside. The lemon garden will be the protagonist with light installations and the starred stables will instead host Christmas-themed workshops from 11 to 20.

Natale a Villa Reale di Marlia

Both for the Immaculate Conception long weekend and for the weekend of 17 and 18 December 2022 the magic of Christmas will descend on the Royal Villa of Marlia where the scent of mulled wine and burnt wood in the Nordic braziers will warm the atmosphere and to prepare for the holidays, it will be possible to buy Christmas gifts at the Bookshop: originality is guaranteed!

Magico Natale a Villa Reale

Everyone knows that without Santa Claus you can’t say magical Christmas and that’s why in the stables of the Clock house it seems that Santa Claus has found a perfect place to read all the letters in view of the deliveries on the night of December 24th…

A park ticket will be sufficient for both adults (€10) and children (€5) to be able to meet Santa Claus, and he will stay from 11am to 8pm with an hour’s lunch break – he must eat too 😉

Santa Claus

A visit to the Villa Reale complex normally requires at least 2 hours to be able to visit the 16 hectares of park and the two recently restored museums, therefore we advise you to take 3 hours to immerse yourself in nature and culture, with a pinch of the magic of Christmas that you can find in 2 areas of the property: the lemon garden and the Clock House area.

In the stables you can cuddle yourself in the company of the BIG CHRISTMAS TREE with hot chocolate or mulled wine enjoyed in the “vintage” café set up for the occasion.

Natale a Villa Reale di Marlia

Attention: From 5pm onwards it will be possible to visit only the upper part of the park from the north entrance (and the museums!) so as to concentrate the lighting and the attractions in the oldest part of the park.

Magico Natale a Villa Reale

What if it snows!? It would be even more of a #magicalChristmas!


  • When should I arrive? The park opens at 9.30am and closes at 9pm so you can come whenever you like according to the time you booked online. If you prefer tranquility come during the day, if you prefer to visit both the park and see the illuminated northern area, opt for an afternoon schedule: in this way you visit the park first and then go up to Santa Claus and in the museums when it gets dark (from 4.30pm onwards), if you’re only interested in the bright atmosphere, book from 4.30pm onwards.
  • How does it take place? It is not an event but a free visit to the park in the winter/Christmas version and to the museums. From 5pm onwards we will close the southern area of ​​the park to concentrate on the northern area, which is the richest and oldest part of the property, where you will find light installations, Santa Claus and mulled wine/hot chocolate 😉
  • Are there animations? In the stables there will be Santa Claus with his elf helpers who will organize activities/small Christmas workshops for the children from 11 in the morning until 20 (with an hour’s lunch break).
  • How much does it cost? As much as a normal visit for adults, €5 for children. Children under 14 can access everything with the €5 ticket, adults with the park-only ticket also reach the Christmas-themed areas, while those who also want to visit the museums must purchase the full ticket (park + villa + clock).
  • Booking? Mandatory by pre-purchasing the ticket on our website, selecting the dedicated calendar and the time you want to arrive.
    Will there be the possibility to eat? Our cafe will be open all day for a light lunch break and in the afternoon Vinbrulè, hot chocolate and Christmas cakes will be the masters! The vintage café will be set up in the stables. The park closes at 21 to allow you to go to dinner elsewhere with good memories in your heart.
  • In case of rain? The visit will still be possible: we advise you to wear comfortable and waterproof boots! In the park there are covered areas that can come in handy in case of bad weather.
  • Can you park near the entrance? Yes, there are 2 car parks, one on the avenue leading to the entrance and the other following the signs for P2.
  • How far is Lucca? 10 minutes (7km).
  • Even if I have a season ticket, do I have to book and pay for the Christmas dates? No because there is no extra charge for adults compared to a normal visit – only children aged 4 and over will pay because they have a free pass.
  • Can I buy the ticket on the spot? We strongly advise against it because we will organize refreshment points, thematic areas, etc. based on reservations.