31ott10:0021:30Halloween in Villa Reale10:00 - 21:30 Halloween in Villa Reale (LUCCA): On October 31 and November 01 Villa Reale di Marlia (8 km from Lucca) will open its doors to young and old on the most mysterious[...]

h. 10:00, 31 ottobre 2020 - h. 21:30, 31 ottobre 2020

Halloween in Villa Reale (LUCCA):

On October 31 and November 01 Villa Reale di Marlia (8 km from Lucca) will open its doors to young and old on the most mysterious weekend of the year, with a “terrifying” visit with hunting to the Halloween themed treasure!

To make the Halloween weekend even more intriguing, it will be the news that many were waiting for: it will be possible to partially visit, FOR THE FIRST TIME, THE TUNNEL that connects the clock building to the Royal Villa !!! Only those brave enough will be able to enter the underground underworld;)

Grotta di Pan_Villa Reale di Marlia

What to do in Lucca for Halloween?

To make the Halloween weekend in Villa Reale even more colorful and scary, we invite you to visit us in costume from head to toe! In fact, there will be a lottery that will reward families who have come in costume: that’s right, those who visit us in costume will have the chance to win the park season ticket for the 2021 season for the whole family and other fantastic gadgets to take home!

Halloween in Villa Reale 2020

The visit will be possible from 10am until dusk (and no later than 6pm) and we recommend not arriving after 3pm to experience full Halloween in Villa Reale!

In compliance with the regulations, we ask you to book your entrance online for both Saturday 31 October and Sunday 01 November and above all to book the Halloween treasure hunt: themed prizes will be limited and we will close the treasure hunt reservations once reached the maximum number of participants!


Who is the hunt for: Children from 3 to 13 years old – the little ones can still participate because the treasure hunt is played all together in the family!

How it takes place: The children can go in search of the treasure together with their families and friends following the map that is delivered to the ticket office. Having found all the clues, the challenge will be to be able to have the courage to reach the treasure chest! Each child with the Halloween Hunt ticket will bring home a small themed prize, if the ghost of Villa Reale agrees….

What time: there is no time, you can arrive from 10 to 15:30 (the park closes at 18:00 but gets dark around 17:30) when you prefer!

How much does it cost: Children 5 € – Adults 9 € or 14 € if you also visit the interior of Villa Reale!

Reservation: mandatory for children who want to participate in the treasure hunt and highly recommended for everyone to improve the entrances to the park in compliance with the regulations in force and to be able to give you the appropriate services based on reservations.

Booking procedure: Go to our shop and select the date of October 31st or November 1st and buy the desired tickets!

Halloween costume lottery: Families who present themselves dressed in Halloween theme (both adults and children), will have the chance to win the 2021 park pass and other prizes of Villa Reale: upon delivery of the paper ticket (both Saturday and Sunday), after confirming that the whole family is in costume, we will take the corresponding order number that will compete for the prize. The draw will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 01 November and the winners will be contacted on site or by email – can’t wait!

Trick or Treat: We will take you by the throat! At the cafe and in other parts of the park you can taste typical Halloween products … even here surprises will not be long in coming!

In case of rain: the event will still take place as from November 2nd Villa Reale will close for winter restorations, so comfortable shoes and adventure!

English clues must be asked in avìdvance within October 27!


It’s a party? No, it’s an open-air treasure hunt visit

Will the entrances be limited? Yes, we have greatly reduced the number of people who can participate

Will the children be with an animator? No, the hunt does not have a set time and is played with family members upon arrival at the park

Are there any risks of gatherings? No, the park is 16 hectares and to have gatherings thousands of people should be able to participate (which cannot happen due to the limitation of entrances)

Can I buy the ticket on the spot? Only if not all those available have been sold, priority to those who buy the ticket online, and possibly only until the maximum number of salable tickets is reached.

Obligation to wear a mask also in the gardens.

Halloween in Villa Reale - Lucca