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LOOK OUT LUCCA: The redescovered gardens of Elisa

Look out Lucca: guided tours by TURISLUCCA

Hidden from the public eye, the gardens of Villa Reale of Marlia or “Marly” as Princess Elisa Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister, used to call them, were greatly desired by the Princess and gave her much joy and happiness during her reign. The gardens are a closely-guarded treasure chest full of secrets, tales, and utterly charming spots. They are an oasis of light and beauty, colour and harmony, and it is possible to exclusively view them in the company of our expert licensed guides. Only by taking a historical, botanical, and architectural tour, can the park and gardens of Villa Reale, silent witnesses to events tied to important historical figures, reveal their past magic and splendour which, today, has been given new life.

Look out Lucca_Turislucca

Every Saturday from March 18 to October 28, 2017

Meeting point and time
3:00 pm at the Ticket Office of Villa Reale

90 minutes approximately

€ 15.00 per person (entry fee and tour); Free for children to 14 years of age

Option: Meet your Guide in Lucca and head out together Meeting point and time 1:55 pm at the Information Centre in Piazzale Verdi
Bus departure time 2:10 pm with Bus n. 59 in the company of the guide (Please note: bus fare is at the expense of the participant)
Bus return time 6:00 pm