Villa Reale Festival 2017



Copertina Villa Reale Festival 2017

From 2nd of June to 2nd of July, Villa Reale in Marlia – one of the most beautiful and well-known villas in Tuscany – will host a month of performance, music and theatre.

The VILLA REALE FESTIVAL is a production forged from the creative partnership between Villa Reale and Ecoeventi. The aim of the festival is to host a programme of quality arts and cultural events at this elegant and historic location. Events will take place in in the park of the villa, at the Water Theatre against the picturesque backdrop of the night stars.

The festival is supported by the Municipality of Capannori and aims to become a magical, yearly event featuring great artists.

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Tom Kirkpatrick

The festival starts with “Jazz in Villa” – a series of ten concerts from the 2nd to the 11th of June spanning various shades of jazz including contemporary jazz, bossa nova, funk, soul, Latin and Manouche. Some of the great names on stage include globally renowned musicians such as Tom Kirkpatrick, trumpet player Flavio Boltro, guitarist and composer Max Amazio, singer Michela Lombardi (winner of the Ciampi Award) and Greta Mirall.

“The art of wonder” (30th June, 1st and 2nd July)
The grand finale of the festival will include fire, light and water show, featuring performances by Duo Briseart and the Teatro Lunaticocompany.

How can you be part of this event? You can easily book your ticket on: www.villarealefestival.it or come to the reception of the park!


The event managers:

Ecoeventi consists of a cultural association and a graphics and communication agency. They have worked in the Lucca and Tuscany area for over eight years in prestigious locations, organizing popular events such as Histrionika, ArtEtica, Lucca Vegan Friends, RiEco il Natale, Bimbi in Fiera (in partnership with Ingegno Creativo). The core business and the mission of Ecoeventi are a great challenge: to bring culture and wonder to people by creating and planning events based on ethical values while acknowledging current themes and social changes.

Ecoeventi deals with current events, tradition, performance, history and stories, ecology, social projects, wellness, nutrition (with a focus on bio, vegan and local produce), reusing and recycling, holistic medicine and much more. Ecoeventi offers events for children and families, street art exhibitions, civic theatre, high quality music, performances, specialist markets with artisans who only work with natural raw materials or recycled materials, debates, conferences, round table discussions and book launches. Ecoeventi operates in partnership with other local associations, contributing to an increase in cultural tourism originating from all over Italy.

Villa Reale is co-organizer of the event, thanks to the cooperation and to the active participation of its executive staff. Villa Reale of Marlia is one of the most important Italian historic dwellings; in the 19th century it was the residence of Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon’s sister and Princess of Lucca. The property covers an area of sixteen hectares and includes many refined gardens, real botanical rarities and majestic buildings constructed over the centuries. The park is crossed with camellia-lined walkways and hosts two famous theatres: the Water Theatre and the Green Theatre (Theatre of Verzura, where the violinist Niccolò Paganini often performed for Elisa Baciocchi).