Mimì e i suoi ospiti famosi

06giu11:0017:00Mimì Pecci-Blunt and her Famous Guests11:00 - 17:00 Mimì Pecci-Blunt and her Famous Guests Sunday 6th June 2021, 11am till 5pm Turn back the clock with us to meet her myriad of celebrated friends as they enjoy the beauty and[...]

h. 11:00, 6 giugno 2021 - h. 17:00, 6 giugno 2021

Mimì Pecci-Blunt and her Famous Guests
Sunday 6th June 2021, 11am till 5pm

Turn back the clock with us to meet her myriad of celebrated friends as they enjoy the beauty and splendour of the Park and the Villa on a summer’s day.

Mimì e i suoi ospiti famosi
Sunday 6th June, 2021, 11am till 5pm

Mimì Pecci-Blunt and her Famous Guests:

As part of the project “Appointment in the garden” organised by APGI – Association Parks and Gardens in Italy, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and the participation of AVPL – Association Villas and Palaces in Lucca, Villa Reale presents a day of historical reenactment set in the 1920’s and 1930’s.
The spirit of the project “Appointment in the garden” is to invite the public to discover the surprising historical, artistic, botanical and panoramic richness of Italian gardens. Villa Reale has decided to participate in this initiative, presenting an event in its Park in memory of the Countess, allowing us to feel like one of her famous summer guests.

During the day you will be able to watch the historical reenactment, admire a group of Vintage cars and motorbikes and, at 4.30pm, take the guided tour of the perfumed Park, organised in collaboration with the Association “Napoleon and Elisa: from Paris to Tuscany.

Mimì Pecci-Blunt e i suoi Ospiti Famosi_Villa Reale di Marlia

Mimì’s black and white photos will be transformed into Tableaux Vivants around the Park. The guided walks will bring the history of the Villa and its guests alive.

This event celebrates the life of Anna-Laetitia Pecci-Blunt, known as Mimì by her friends, owner of Villa Reale from 1923 till her death in 1971. Mimì  restored the Villa and the garden and its follies, bringing them back to life after 100 years of neglect. She spent her life moving between her salons in Paris, Rome and New York and Marlia became her summer residence.

Dali 1936 a Villa Reale di Marlia_Mimì e i suoi ospiti famosi

Historical reenactment with tableaux vivants (from 11am till 5pm)

An expert in historical clothes, Margarita Martinez, organiser of international historical costumed events, will present the tableaux vivants in the park. 30 reenactors will bring to life Mimì’s photos and at 11am and again at  3pm Margarita will take a group of visitors on a 30 minute guided walk in the Park, explaining the history of the Villa from 1800 to the present day. The meeting point is  under the old magnolia tree in front of the Villa.  She will explain the details of Mimì’s life, her marriage to Cecil Blunt in Paris in 1919, her artistic Salon and friendship with Cocteau, Picasso, Braque, Diaghilev and his Ballets Russes etc. her purchase of Villa Reale in 1923 and the golden years with guests such as Dalì, Alberto Moravia, the Windsors and Gianni Agnelli. She hired the internationally famous landscape architect Jacques Gréber to work on the Park and we will be able to admire his vision.

Auto d'epoca a Villa Reale_Rinascenze 2020
Auto d'epoca a Villa Reale_Rinascenze 2020

Vintage cars and motorbikes star at Villa Reale (from 11am to 5pm)


3 rare examples of cars from the 1920’s and 30’s will be on show in front of the Villa. Thanks to the collaboration with “Club Balestrero di Lucca”, Enrico Dal Porto, one of the founding members of the Club will present 3 of his perfectly restored period cars and 2 period motorbikes.

Everyone will be able to take a close look at a beautiful Fiat 501 “Sportfrom 1923, a Fiat 501 “C” Colonial from 1925 and a Fiat “Balilla 508” luxury, carrozzata “Ghia”. These vehicles are true rarities, not only for their perfect restoration but also for the fact that they are completely operational.

o Lucca.

Palazzina dell'Orologio_Villa Reale di Marlia


The Council of Capannori will present its project “VIVI CAPANNORI” during the day, with a guided tour of the  history of the Park at 15:30 by Roberta Ferrarini.


  • Minimum 4 people – Maximum  20 people
  • Booking is compulsory up to 24 hours prior. Roberta Ferrarini +39 348 382 8294
  • The cost of the ticket is 10€ and includes the entrance ticket to the garden and the guided tour.
  • Buy the ticket on our site, selecting the date 06/06 at 15:30 for the guided tour
  • For the first 20 who book, a Royal Elisa cocktail will cost 5€ instead of 7€, at the caffe in the centre of the Park.