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h. 17:00, 3 luglio 2021 - h. 21:00, 3 luglio 2021

Silent Wifi Concert at Villa Reale | Lucca Classical Music Festival

Silent piano concert and suggestions at sunset

Andrea Vizzini, piano: silent wi-fi concert

More than a concert, a suggestive multisensory experience in which you will be completely immersed in an active and new way, a concert performed at sunset.

SILENT WI-FI CONCERT | Lucca Classica Music Festival in Villa Reale

Saturday, 3rd July in Villa Reale di Marlia:

The Lucca Classica Music Festival will offer a highly suggestive experience thanks to which you can immerse yourself completely in the music and the environment that surrounds it. This is the Silent wifi concert®, a concert for silent piano and nocturnal suggestions, conceived by the pianist Andrea Vizzini, who in five years has involved and excited over 10,000 spectators throughout Italy and Europe.

All participants will be provided with high-fidelity headphones with which to listen to the “night” music proposed by Vizzini, which will play at night and music inspired by the moon. Free to move within a radius of 500 meters and to appreciate closely the natural and architectural suggestions in which you are immersed, you will “experience” music with all your senses and you will be the natural protagonists of a performance that foresees your movement and your emotional reaction.

Andrea Vizzini_Silent wi-fi concert

To take part in this suggestive experience, just book the special “Silent wi-fi concert” admission ticket of 03 July 2021. Villa Reale for the occasion will remain open until dusk, at no extra charge.

It will therefore be possible to arrive:

  • from 5 pm to be able to visit the interiors of Villa Reale and the Clock House
  • or from 6pm onwards if you only want to visit the park, picking up the Yamaha headphones in the Cafè area and be ready to be influenced by 7pm for the start of the concert.

The Villa Reale café will remain open until sunset for those who want to listen to the concert in front of bubbles or an aperitif, or for those who want to cool off after the suggestive walk accompanied by the Andrea Vizzini concert.



Tramonto a Villa Reale di Marlia

The Silent Wi-Fi Concert at Villa Reale will open the Lucca Classica Music Festival, an event organized by the Lucchese Music Association with the collaboration of the Teatro del Giglio. The Festival is supported by Mibac, the Tuscany Region, the Province and Municipality of Lucca, the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca and Lucca Promos and the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation.

Trailer Silent Wi-Fi concert

If you want to know more about the atmosphere of the Silent Wi-fi Concert, watch the video of past editions around Italy:


  • Will you be open only for the evening event?

On the occasion of the evening event, the villa will remain open regularly from 10:00, while access for the event will start from 17:00.


  • Does the concert have an extra cost in addition to the entrance ticket?

No, for the occasion the cost of the ticket will include the concert of the pianist Vizzini.

  • If I arrive at 4 pm with the ticket purchased online (not the special one of the event), can I stay for the concert?

If any visitors want to stay after 6pm (regular closure of Villa Reale) for the “Silent wi-fi concert” event, they must notify the reception, subject to availability.