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09ago(ago 9)10:0010(ago 10)23:59Le Rinascenze by night - only chance to visit during the night!10:00 - 23:59 (10) Fifth edition art festival: Rinascenze by night The success, even in times of covid, of the art review "Le Rinascenze" in Lucca is pushing the organizers to set up an even[...]

h. 10:00, 9 agosto 2022 - h. 23:59, 10 agosto 2022

Fifth edition art festival: Rinascenze by night

The success, even in times of covid, of the art review “Le Rinascenze” in Lucca is pushing the organizers to set up an even more effervescent and full of events edition. Under the direction of Kreativa, the Lucca Art School, the magic that only art, nature and history together can arouse in visitors within the splendid scenery of the Royal Villa of Marlia park.

It will be the fifth edition, in its proven double guise, day and night, for an event that has now become an unmissable appointment for artists, both as individuals and as a group, and of every form of expression, in which to find: painters, sculptors, photographers, improvisers, comedians, singers, dancers and jugglers. There will be no one missing and there will be, as usual, many news, which we will reveal every now and then in this long march towards approach. It will be a splendid container that will give life to a double non-stop of events, which will continue uninterrupted for two days or two nights, also making an important contribution to the enhancement of the beauty of the area.

Le Rinascenze

Because art is not only what is created but also the reinterpretation of what exists, with an ever-changing sensitivity.

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Art together with the magic that the immense park of the Villa that once belonged to Elisa Baciocchi can express, have become a unique combination, exalting and enhancing each other, in spectacles of colors, patterns and expressiveness. The three villas in the Park will take on life, shape and color: Villa Reale, Villa del Vescovo and Villa dell’Orologio and also the most characteristic corners such as the Teatro di Verzura, the Lemon Garden, the Grotta del Dio Pan and the Peschiera. Everyone would have their own say, with performances modeled and in line with the severity or joy of the chosen place.

There will be musical, dance, costumes and cultural events. It will begin with the “by day” version in the last weekend of May, May 14-15, and will end with the fascinating night version of August 9-10. In all, there will still be four days in which the initiatives will follow one another at a fast pace and will offer moments of great suggestion.

Le rinascenze by night_Villa Reale di Marlia

The best Tuscan theater companies will perform and then acrobats, jugglers, acrobats, there will be room for singers and actors, improvisers and even painting and sculpture exhibitions where modern art will come to terms with traditional art. There will also be games and attractions for children and above all there will be plenty of choice, even with two or three activities at the same time. And if during the day the hours of light are exploited to spend pleasant afternoons outdoors, in the night version, with the darkness as a background to every initiative, colors, sounds and lights will be privileged that can make that enchanting one. ‘corner of paradise.

Last admission to the museums at 11pm – park closes at 12.30pm