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09ago17:0023:55Rinascenze by night - Art under the stars17:00 - 23:55 The Rinascenze by Night Art in the Villa in the night of desires. Put a summer evening: the heat of the day that slowly goes away, the starry sky, the desire to[...]

h. 17:00, 9 agosto 2021 - h. 23:55, 9 agosto 2021

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10 agosto 2021 17:00

The Rinascenze by Night
Art in the Villa in the night of desires.

Put a summer evening: the heat of the day that slowly goes away, the starry sky, the desire to spend a few hours of leisure, and, why not, romanticism. Here then is Le Rinascenze By Night – Art under the stars 2021, an event scheduled for Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 August, and inserted in the splendid setting of the park of the suggestive Villa Reale id Marlia (Tuscany). The choice of date is not accidental; what better evenings to admire the sky, surrounded by shows, art exhibitions and games of light and fire?

Le rinascenze by night_Villa Reale di Marlia

The monumental complex of the Villa Reale di Marlia will therefore host this exceptional event, now in its second edition, suitable for adults and children, which is set up for 9 and 10 August in order to celebrate the summer, with the participation of numerous artists who will know creatively entertain the public, between art and entertainment, in an unparalleled context.
Le Rinascenze by Night has all the ingredients to reveal itself as one of the most romantic and interesting experiences of your summer, thanks to the charm of the park at night that will unfold all its splendor counted by its long and intense past.
These corners steeped in art and history will be the right conjunction with the art exhibitions and firework displays scattered throughout the various gardens, on the day of the usual magical appointment that the sky offers us.

Rinascenze by night_Villa Reale di Marlia

The exceptional protagonist of this edition will be light; light that becomes an art form, thanks to expert installations, which will transform walls and buildings into real fairy tales, leaving the viewer daydreaming.

Teatro di Verzura più antico d'Europa dinotte_Villa Reale di Marlia

Le Rinascenze by night is an event open to all those who are looking above all for a scenic location to spend the night of San Lorenzo, with the same purpose of promoting art and culture combined with the pleasure of fun with the arts of light and fire. The sixteen-hectare park that frames the ancient dwelling will prove to be the most suitable habitat of the Lucca countryside to take advantage of the suggestion of the sunset and the night thanks to the luminous paths studied ad hoc to enhance the various corners of a real garden Real.

Purchase of ticket in advance is required!

To keep the event safe, the purchase of the ticket in advance is required!

Once the tickets online are finished, we can’t let extra people in!

Due to Covid restrictions, starting from August 6, guests over 12 years of age must present the Green Pass to the reception staff.

Le rinascenze by night_Foto di Lorenzo Mugnai